Core Creatives

Phéline Thierens

Phéline is a Belgian theatre-maker, director, dramaturg and translator. An MA Modern Literature from the University of Ghent (BE) as well as an MA Directing from the University of Kent (UK) have fed into her obsession with interpersonal
communication in all its forms.

She has previously worked with Belgian based arts centre CAMPO, French director Philippe Quesne and London based theatre company Ridiculusmus.


Lucy Rose Coren

Lucy is a Canadian theatre-maker, dramaturg and writer interested in spaces of cultural exchange. She completed her MA in Dramaturgy and European Theatre at the University of Kent and has since worked around the UK and Europe.


Resident Dramaturg (Empty Deck Theatre Company, London); Participation Co-ordinator (Pegasus Theatre, Oxford); Project Manager (Remix, Pan Intercultural Arts); Mobilizer/Dramaturg (Playing Identities Performing Heritage, Creative Europe); Drama Facilitator (Kent Refugee Action Network); Dramaturg Intern (Tinderbox, Belfast); Assistant Facilitator (Tobacco Factory Theatres, Bristol); Assistant Director (Hart House Theatre, Toronto).

On each project we’re joined by other brilliant artists and non-professional performers.

If you are interested in working with us please drop us a line at



The Dramaturgical Notion of Counter-Text (The Theatre Times)

Foreign and Familiar (Intermission Magazine)

How We’re Hard-wired to Ignore Climate Change (Winnipeg Free Press)

Judging Refugees by Action of a Few (Toronto Star)

Victimhood and the Politics of Representation (Migrant Voice)


“The Dramaturgical Notion of Counter-Text” Collective Encounters,University of Liverpool; “Dramaturgy and the Refugee Crisis” Counterpoints Arts; “A Love Story in Dramatic Compounding and Grammatical Affixiation”, Paris Lit Up